Art Project Collaboration

Every year, the Forsyth Youth Orchestra partners with a school art club to creates pieces of art (any medium) based on a piece of music performed by the orchestra on their Spring concert. The works of art become part of the art exhibit to be viewed by the audience before the concert, and photograph of the art work are also posted on our website. This year the FYO concert was entitled “Georgia On My Mind”, where the orchestra performed pieces by Georgian composers. Each artist chose a piece of music to inspire them on their creation. The  artists participating in this project came from the Visual Arts class of Mr. Kevin Whitley, Fine Arts Department Chair of the Forsyth Central High School. Enjoy!

For 2013-14, the piece chosen was "French Roast", a Proven├žal folk tune arranged by Julie Lyon Lieberman. These visual artists were from the Visual Arts II class from Kevin Whitley, Fine Arts Department Chair of the Forsyth Central High School.

“Koneko” Art Project 

 The “Koneko” Art Project was launched by the FYO in conjunction with Little Mill Middle School Art Club to celebrate the creative arts during the FYO Inaugural concert on May 19, 2013.

 “Koneko, is a piece of music for string orchestra by composer Keiko Yamada. Koneko, means “kitten” in Japanese.

 The Project consisted of having the artists from Little Mill Art Club listen to “Koneko” and draw inspiration from the music to create a piece of visual art. The Project was coordinated by Amy Holland, art teacher at Little Mill Middle School.

 The art work created through this Project is going to be exhibited in the Cumming Playhouse library on the day of the FYO’s inaugural concert on May 19.

Below are images of their final work.